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About me

Eleven things you should know about me:

1. My cat's name is lula de montes

2. I work from home, because after having worked for three manipulative bosses in a row, I couldn't stomach being an employee any longer.

3. I only learnt to cook in the last two years, and I credit Nigella Lawson for ushering me into the kitchen.

4. I love reading at 2 am in the morning, and when I start a good book, I like to finish it as fast as I can, even if it does involve reading all night and all day.

5. I have an almost four-year old munchkin, which I love to death.

6. My family calls me Imelda Marcos.

7. I have a weakness for risotto, Iceland, lobster rolls, and rhubarb fool.

8. I met my girlfriend of 11 years on the Interweb and really fell in love with her after her Katherine Hepburn imitation.

9. My favourite colour is blue (wouldn't think so if you saw the layout of this blog, would you?).

10. I worry too much.

11. I <3 camp music. The more seventies and eighties it get, the better, I say. And I love to dance!


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