The world redeemed...


or rather, what a wonderful weekend I have had.

On Friday, our little family enjoyed the Indian summer in the square near the school, as they were setting up a sjamanistic festival with sand sculptures, etc. while the children had fun in a teepee and jumped around on the stage.

On Saturday, we dropped by the aforementioned sjamanistic festival, and then headed off to our new canteen: "I Famosi", where Italian food is served the right way. And then we saw the best dance performance that we have seen this century.
I add another clip and a recommendation: if you can catch anything by Akram Khan this year, then do!

The Chinese male dancer was absolutely exceptional. They received a standing ovation and as far as I can judge, they merited every second of it.

On Sunday, the beloved and I roamed the city after we awoke from our "Cointreaupolitan" stupour and had a delicious but healthy breakfast, followed by some cabinet hunting. We did eventually find a 1930s radio cabinet for our living room, with inlaid wood.

On Sunday evening, as I whiled away the time waiting for SO to return home who is watching one of Belgium's oldest and most prestigious banks being carved up, I came across this:

I would like to make it known that I take back everything I said last week about Nigella Lawson. Thank you, Daily Mail, for being the cherry on top of a wonderful three days.

Life can be beautiful. Insert consented sigh.

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Fresco said...

Oh dear, she looks a bit scary on this one, doesn’t she, a bit like Elvira Mistress of the Dark. :-)

The picture you posted for the cover of the Christmas book is for basis use. I think they’ll Photoshop the turkey, the make-up and the d├ęcor in it.

(Just kidding – she looks like a million dollars)

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