What a soup...


Apologies but I've been busy and frankly, when I read other blogs, I felt that my own efforts paled somewhat in comparison. But on to the reason why...

The past 1.5 months have been strange, as our little family had to readjust to a full working rhythm again, with my SO working full-time again, travelling again, and being flat out tired. The recession is taking its toll on family and friends worldwide, and here in Belgium, the first signs are being felt. I am still working, at a good pace, but I have to say that the uncertainty of it all weighs down my heart and makes me downright anxious at times. Some people believe that we haven't seen the worst of it yet; others say that this will be worse than the 1930s depression. Yet others seem to think that all will be fine.

At this point, I don't really know what to think, so I am basically doing what I do best. Pretending that nothing is happening and going about my affairs as usual. Which is why I haven't really blogged, as there was nothing to tell. Why should I bore you with such banalities as the fact
  • that I was extraordinarily moved by a large gnarly oak in the park this afternoon;
  • that I marvel at the words and explanations uttered by my four-year old whose personality is developing at a hallucinating pace;
  • the fact that head lice still thrive in this day and age and nobody seems to have found a way of eradicating them (not in this household thankfully, or you would have had an angry post about excessive loads of laundry and the stench of tea tree oil instead);
  • that water from a Brita filter tastes vastly better than tap water but not as good as Evian;
  • that soup can be so nourishing and that I have been feeding friends and neighbours with it over the past weeks and that they have come back begging for more;
  • that children can forge allegiances and break them in a nanosecond;
  • that my munchkin can watch a play about saying goodbye and death, and turn to me, after the grandmother dies, and say "but who will kiss her awake, mummy";
  • that pink sparkling wine can be such fun to drink;
  • that my mother is travelling to Kenia on her own next month and I am worried;
  • that people can be so accepting of our little family;
  • that I can actually get a whole PTA to move their asses and restructure themselves in less than one week;
... and the list goes on...

But as you can see, all very boring stuff.

Just pondering whether I should leave you with a soup recipe.

But no, that too would be utterly banal.

5 messages:

Milo said...

I used to love making soup. Haven't made any in AGES. Could do with making it again if you can put up the recipe.

The banality of daily life is what blogging is all about! :P

Fresco said...

I love soup and yes, I agree with Milo's comment on blogging. Hell, I even write about drinking hot chocolate in the hope to make it sound interesting. :-)

Are you watching 'Mistresses' Series 2 on BBC tonight?

Lula de Montes said...

Thanks, Milo and Fresco!

And yes, I will be watching Mistresses, if I can keep my eyes open until 10 p.m.

Chris said...

Please sent me one of your favorite soup recipes. But keep in mind that I'm a soup-novice. Still apprenting. And may be I'll invite the notorious Alost blogger that you and I know. I'll let him taste my soup :-) You should have got my e-mail adress by now.

vikki said...

I didn't think your list was boring at all. Life is in the details, my friend.

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