Asparagus risotto


What else can one do? I have a kid who is obsessed with asparagus and Brussels sprouts.

I reworked a Giorgio Locatelli recipe, which I'm sure is somewhere on the net, leaving out the asparagus cream, as I only had the tips and no full spears to render in my trusty Magimix. I did however create a compound of vegetable and asparagus stock for the rice.

Trust me, it went down a treat!

And note that we are so asparagus-obsessed that we have asparagus placemats (I plead completely not guilty on this one).

4 messages:

Milo said...

You may recall I am a huge aficionado of (English) asparagus!

Vic said...

The boy has a funny liking for brussel sprouts too. I'm not sure where he's got it from cos neither me nor the husband can stand the things.

Vikki said...

Do you deliver?

Lula said...

@Milo, yes I did, actually. Thought of you when I made it!
@Vic: it depends on how you make 'em. Add bacon and steam them.
@Vikki: I don't mind coming to Minnesota if you pay the ticket ;-) (but not with that crazy airline that geekydyke took to Port-au-Prince; there are limits).

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