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Interesting discussion this weekend during the quarterly meeting of gay and lesbian parents: several of us feel the need to overcompensate. Many of us have volunteered for the parent/teacher association and almost of all of us had volunteered to bake cupcakes, help wash up, clean up after painting classes, etc.

Why is it that we do this, I wonder? I can think of a myriad of answers, but I'd like to hear yours... And as a straight parent, reading this blog, do you feel just as duty-bound?

*gearing up to (wo)man the gl├╝hwein stand at the Christmas concert in a few weeks and prepping 450 bags for Sinterklaas in ten days* it's tough being a parent...

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vikki said...

I'm a lesbo parent who volunteers too much. I don't think I do it to overcompensate though. I do it because my mother never did it and I want to be a different kind of parent. Or, because I am crazy. ha ha.

Vic said...

I think it's a difficult point. Schools rely on the PTA for funding of equipment they couldn't otherwise afford. The PTA relies on the time and money of the parents to provide that funding.

I would be tempted to volunteer myself, except that I simply don't have enough time to deal with life as it is. My mum ran worked with and ran the PTA at my junior school for eight years whilst my brother, sister and I went through the school.

I would suggest you donate your time as you see fit, in line with whta the PTA does for your child at school.

UrbanVox said...

I don't seem to be inclined to do much round TB's school... I mean... I deal with all the aspects that involve him and would like to help on PTA things... But their schedules never seem to match mine... :(
But by all means, I don't think being a lesbian or straight mum makes a lot of difference... if you don;t have the tendency you will do nothing anyways... if you do... well in that case you know :)

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