Random reflections on the Barajas disaster


Yesterday morning we flew into and out of Madrid Barajas on that precise runway. I remember reflecting at the time on the line of taxis past the fence and on how close they were to the runway. I also thought that our runway was really far from the airport terminal itself.

This evening I have seen rows of ambulances lined along that same fence in press photos. Helicopters had to be called in to extinguish this flying fire bomb. A handful of survivors is left to tell the tale and pick up the thread of the rest of their lives.

I always marvel that a metal bird, which doesn't actually physically move like a bird, can remain in the air. My brother-in-law, who designs airplanes for a living, always laughs at me when I make this comment.

My SO always makes me book seats near the emergency exits. The survivors are said to have been in rows 14 and 17... near the emergency exits.

Poor survivors, poor dead, and poor relatives left behind.

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feromoon said...

This evening we went to the airport to pick up our oldest daughter from her holiday to Budapest. . This afternoon I heard the news on the radio. My heart stopped beating for a couple of seconds until I heard the name of the airport where this all have happened. Was it Madrid or Milan?

My baby arrived this evening while all the others of the same flight were all gone.

It turned out that 'only' her bagage is missing. My motherheart pounded fierce and I cuddled her meanwhile drying her tears. I started to cry too.
Then I whispered in her ear:
I am so glad that you are alive.
But of course, she replied.

deboo said...

I just saw a report on the awful disaster on the BBC news. It always gives me pause. You were just through there - I can't imagine what you must've been feeling.

Fresco said...

I set fire to Universal Studios, you sabotage a plane?
Does Lula & Fresco sounds like Bonnie & Clyde?

Lula de Montes said...

@Fero: that fear will never leave you, even as you draw your last breath. Always looking out for a child...
@deboo: I always feel angry when such things happen because I always attribute them to human error.
@Fresco: I dunno. Faye Dunaway didn't age that gracefully. As for Warren Beatty...

Bun said...

Such a horrible incident and really freaky that you were so close.

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