Holiday: a photo essay


Back from vacation. Rather than bore you with endless descriptions, here are a few of my impressions garnished with some comments.

Yes, one does need an SUV to deal with heffalumps like these that crawl across the road and hog the left lane. You just know that a Smart car would be tantamount to suicide next to that.

Boston, North End, workers. NYC cancelled due to the kidney stone of my SO.

Boston, North End, New England Aquarium: sharks, turtles, seahorses, starfish, lobstahs, horseshoe crabs, harbor seals, you name it... Munchkin and cousin lapped it up greedily,although they had already dug clams, touched a horseshoe crab and chased hermit crabs the day before on the beach.

I have always enjoyed flying a kite. My dragon for this trip.

Eastham. A hidden beach. Coincidentally also the beach where my brother-in-law got married last Sunday, up to his knees in the water. Great day.

Queen Anne's lace. Brewster, Cape Cod Museum of Natural History.

Orleans. The sunset in our backyard.

Our backyard reflected in my "fly" glasses.

Edward Hopper's house in Truro. Some idiot real estate king is putting up a Macmansion on the dunes, killing the most famous sweeping landscape of Cape Cod.

The church near Snow cemetery in Truro.
A storm just weathered. Provincetown. MacMillan Wharf.

Return to Madrid Barajas airport. I found myself sitting next to a young Italian on the plane, decked out in a Harley D. jacket wearing a T-shirt reading "I heart lesbians". Little did the young man know that he was sitting next to two, and that the Italian couple behind us were also lesbians (of the not so child-friendly variety). All in all very funny.

Conclusion: favourite moment of the whole vacation is our sunset glass of wine with our friends M. and S. and their daughter on the sandflats at Skaket Beach in Orleans. Thanks, girls, for making this the highlight of our visit and for offering to marry us there and then.

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luscious said...

welcome back! I enjoyed your pictures tremendously. actually, I'm feeling pretty envious right now... next time, I'm just gonna sneak into your luggage.
LOL @ your last remark: doesn't that make you looooooooved?

Fresco said...

Hiya and welcome back!
Now please add me to your Flickr friends.
Love the Jackie O sunglasses (and the view too apperently)!

feromoon said...

She's back!

I feel the sand between my toes watching the piccas.
The one with the sunglasses has stolen my eyes.

A wonderful holiday trip to enjoy life.

How's with the stone of your SO?

Love and kisses,


Lula de Montes said...

@Fresco: my flikker friends or flickr friends? Couldn't resist.

@Fero: we don't know what happened, except that for three days she was out and in pain. Meaning I got to be a soccer mom and drive the ole SUV around town.

mumof4 said...

A kidney stone? Hope it passed quickly and pain meds were acoming her way - had one myself a few yrs ago - as bad as natural childbirth.
Smart cars are just out in my city and there is one close by to us - I wouldn't fancy my chances in one with the size of other things on the road and the standards of driving here - you are dead right.

Lula de Montes said...

@mumof4: three days and no pain meds, because they prescribed her antibiotics first. It took me one week before I dared to drive the car.

Bun said...

Great pics / travelogue and welcome back!

I liked the Jackie Onassis look, very apt for Cape Cod!

vikki said...

It all looks pretty darn good to me!

Greetings from Portugal, by the way. I return to the states next Thursday.

Lula de Montes said...

@bun: thanks for the compliment.

@vikki: it did, aside from the four thousand family events.

Hannah said...

You've got some fabulous photos there.

Glad you had a good time.

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