Weekend hotness!


The weekend is here, and lo behold, even the sun has put in an appearance for us sun-starved Western Europeans.

Time to celebrate, and what better way to do so, then by rubbing one's body with some frangipani oil, some Nigella and a new gadget.

It's been some time since I sent the high priestess of Domestic Goddishness some love. Bad girl. Her appearance with some pink (!) glasses the other day means we can all feast our eyes on her some more.

Yesterday, by the way, I put in some cooking time with her steak slice with lemon and thyme (Nigella Express, p. 40, methinks). A definite thumbs up on that one. Not much planning required (buy good steak, ensure lemon is on hands and some thyme growing in a window box) and you are already past the half-way mark in the daily 'what can I razzle up fast' race. Top it off with some excellent Italian olive oil, imported by sibling last month from some obscure organic farm in northern Italy and you have a winner. Sides? If you are not an absolute carnivore like myself, then feel free to steam some broccolini or sugar snaps or any other green crunchy vegetable that takes your fancy.

On that satisfying note, I worked on getting the latest gadget in this household to work.

As you can tell from the state of my hair, it took me a while. But now that it's up and running, holy mackerel, why did nobody invent this phone sooner?

I balked at the price of the new iPhone and waited for quite some time before buying it. But I was fedup of having to rush home after frantic calls for answers from clients on a deadline, meaning the munchkin had to be yanked away from more pleasurable activities under loud and tearful protests. Now I can sit in the park, play with the babe, check my mail and read word docs on a decent-sized screen. I could even update my blog, if I wanted to. And I get to listen to cool music at the gym, like Barry White. Hmmm, then again, maybe not, since the torturemeister has vowed to have me bingeing on cardio for quite a while...

So from Monday, it's school for the munchkin, fast-forward work for myself, and considerably more time at the gym than I would have ever dreamt was possible. It's all in a working mum's day's work.

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Bun said...

Oh I like your pic! Arty!

Yeh, iPhone does sound nice. I use an old brick at the moment.

Fresco said...

Mrs. Lawson slums very elegantly with her pink specs.
Do you know if there'll be a new series of Express?
It's now on repeat on Wednesday on BBC Two.
Must try the page 40 too of course.
So, you fell for the iPhone?
"As you can tell from the state of my hair, it took me a while"
This sentence really made me laugh!

Lula de Montes said...

@Bun: thanks for the compliment.
@Fresco: she's doing a CHRISTMAS book (and series, I suppose). Should be out by November, just in time for all of us to get our knickers in a twist. And yes, the iPhone is working wonders for me.

Anonymous said...

Wish I'd got an iPhone now instead of the Nokia N95. Although I got that really cheap from an ex-colleague (it had a non-existant scratch on it) and also I'm on Orange and over here iPhones are only on O2.

BTW there's a little something for you over on my blog.

Wildcard said...

Why do u need cardio ? you look great :-)

Lula de Montes said...

@Wildcard: you are too kind. I posted this earlier this year. I think the photo says it all. And having seen your impressive bod, I am now more than ever convinced that the hour I spent with the torturemeister this lunchtime was well worth it. Back tomorrow for another helping of self-pity.

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