An apple a day....


Conversation overheard:

- Munchkin: I don't eat apples with a peel.
- New BFF: But I like apples with a peel.
- Munchkin: I like apples because they have "vitamientjes".
- New BFF: I don't eat vitamientjes.

5 messages:

Milo said...

I had one last night, first time in ages!

PS You're procrastinating about this blog move I think!

Lula de Montes said...

Oh, same here. I will be slicing up some fruit for the munchkin's lunch and whatever I can't fit in her lunchbox is mine... which is not much.
I'm in negotiations with Hen.

mi said...

Does munchkin eat crusts? I ask because I think if you leave them too late into childhood you never get over it.

Sheridan will not eat crusts. He also wouldn't eat the skin of a jacket potato.

I don't think he goes quite as far as peeling apples/pears but you get the picture. I love the crust, especially if the bread is fresh!

He also has a habit of peeling new potatoes which I don't approve of, esp if they're Jersey Royals or something nice like that.

Milo said...
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Lula de Montes said...

@Milo: yup, she does. Although it depends on the bread. Sourdough, she draws the line.

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