Let them eat cake...


No, dear readers, I'm not having a Colombine, Comtesse de la Vache moment, although I did have some cake myself this morning and it was baked by my own little frogspawn.

Moist, dark, and chocolatey; a truly sybaritic experience.

But back to more elementary matters: I was actually thinking of those mor(m)ons, who are financing the campaign in favour of Proposition 8, in California. And of Sarah Palin, and her Halloween sidekick. And of the CEO's of banks, who command excessively high golden parachutes for squandering people's money. And the list goes on.

So, in my humble defence, today I paypalled some moolah to a dear blogging friend, Vikki, to further the cause of the "No to Prop 8" campaign, so they can hopefully reach their target and tell those idiots to back down. I thought about Hillary Rodham Clinton wistfully and wished she was still in the running for the US Presidential election. And I thanked my lucky stars that I don't need my savings for another twenty-five years.

As the wine slowly oozed into my beleaguered system, my mind turned to more beauteous things. Like...

Kate Walsh, for example. Hummunah, hummunah. Not much I can add to that, but hey, at least I did manage a blog post on top of all my other tasks. Now, next on the list: World peace! Or maybe not.

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Vikki said...

Thanks for the donation - it has been made.

As for the pic, well, it's a nice distraction.

Milo said...

That Palin really is too awful. I'm shocked that someone like her could end up as a vice presidential candidate. Bridgit Bardot's comment on her made me laugh. This from the Daily Mail:

Sixties sex idol Miss Bardot described Mrs Palin as ‘disconcertingly stupid’ for ‘denying the responsibility of man in global warming’ and ‘by advocating gun rights’.

She also told the mother of five, who once dubbed herself a ‘pitbull with lipstick’: ‘I know dogs well and I can assure you that no pitbull, no dog, nor any other animal is as dangerous as you are.

‘You are a disgrace to women and you alone represent a terrible threat, a true environmental catastrophe.’


Vic said...

I have very little time for the US elections anymore, and even less for Palin.

Heard an interesting one at work today, that companies should start paying CEOs what they're worth, and not what the market rate is. Perhaps if all companies followed that model we'd all be better off.

Fresco said...

Colombine! Lisette! Bouffant! Madame de Plonge! It's all comming back to me, I really should watch that dvd again.

Oh, a soft spot for Dr. Montgomery, eh...

Jul said...

Beautiful pic...I'd love to take that home...both the cake, and the girl.

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