Hot chocolate lobster?


So where do I start? I'm doggone tired, people! This is the shortest week of the year, as I rush to try to finalize everything before next week's season of excess sets in. At some point, I will have to find the time to make some chilli jam or cranberry sauce (courtesy of Nigella, of course) before we leave next Tuesday.

On Friday, I will be the gl├╝hwein dispenser extraordinaire at the school fete (never mind that I hate the stuff with a vengeance, preferring mulled cider instead). On a good note, the team also decided to serve hot chocolate. But who cares about the second-hand liquid that they are trying to pass off as hot and chocolatey when you can go to Quetzal Chocolate Bar in Antwerp instead?

After being subjected to Fresco's odes to their chocolate concoctions, I was actually on the verge of hopping into Greta (my car) and driving to Ghent last week. So imagine my glee, when dear Fres brightened up my prospects considerably last night and told me that the kind Quetzal people opened one in Antwerp?

So early this evening, I scooped up the munchkin, blackmailing her with a ride on the merry-go-round and we headed straight over to the Cathedral, to chocolate Cornucopia.
It was bliss, dear readers. Really. Worth every euro cent.

71% dark chocolate (or milk, or white as your basic ingredient), with various interpretations, including cinnamon, marshmallows and chilli. Needless to say I have a customer fidelity card now.

And then, after a brief visit to the dentist (thankfully no cavities), I came home to this:

Living with a New Englander does truly have its advantages. They tend to buy fresh lobsters, which they hide in the fridge and then cook them, with hot butter sauce and serve them with delicious potato salad and prosecco as a surprise.

All in all, a very delectable day and I didn't have to do a thing. Such a sloth I am. But I'm sure I'm worth it.

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Fresco said...

No-one will ever want a hot chocolate again if it isn’t prepared by Quetzal, I tell you.
Welcome to the club of addicts.

Oh, and thoroughly enjoying Nigella’s Christmas Kitchen, still one episode to go tonight, but I’ll definitely be serving Lychini’s at Christmas!

PS. Those lobsters look huge!

Vic said...

I am coming to Antwerp and you have to take me to that place. Will bring Milo, Submum and Nutty Mummy too because I think we all need some Quetzal in our lives!

Lula de Montes said...

@Fresco: true, true. It's a new experience.
The Lychinis: have to think about them. The girdlebuster pie seems to be the real hit among Nigella's elves... The lobsters are 800g. In the US, we would get three-pound lobsters...

@Vic: deal! Bring it on.

Milo said...


vikki said...

Everything looks fabulous! I nearly drooled over the chocolate and even this land locked gal from Kansas can tell a beautiful lobster when she sees one.

Lula de Montes said...

@Milo & Vikki: thanks! It was a pleasant surprise. And I'm going back to the chocolate bar this lunchtime, I think.

UrbanVox said...

the whole lobster with chocolate thing got me intrigued...
could they really go together well?????
Then I read the post and starting to feel better... hehehehe... now I REALLY want to try that lobster!

luscious said...

Quetzal really is chocorific! while it's practically next to campus (Ghent), I don't go there as often as I could/should. maybe I can make that my New Year's resolution?
happy holidays, lula! greetings to your family!

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