I am a Christmas tree


full of baubles and fairy lights, gleaming with happiness among happy souls...

No seriously - I actually did enjoy Christmas this year. Below are some photographic impressions.

The 17 pound Guggenheim (Bilbao in the oven) turkey, in the process of receiving a basting by my aunt. Was enjoyed with (non-semolina) roast potatoes (the debate raged for two days but finally the scales tipped in favour of simply goose fat), Brussels sprouts (yes, I was allowed near the stove), peas, maple parsnips (more Nigella) and what SO and I call "snarflers". Let's face it, there is no other name for chipolata sausages wrapped in bacon. Right?

I forgot to mention that we also had bread sauce (see cousin holding dish) and home-made Cranberry sauce, which I made the night before going over. That's because I always end up leaving things too late. The fact that I was sozzled on two Cointreaupolitans did boost the cooking process. The sauce was excellent, as several family members will attest. The jar was half-empty one day after opening.

This is a family that believes in its drinks as you can see from the table. The traditional lighting of the Christmas pud. Uncle in charge, as he was the only one we trusted with matches at that point.

Later that evening, we had an excellent game of Balderdash (which I won, surprisingly, thanks to such interesting facts as the Ealing studios, Doris Day, and a sheep's fungal disease. They all fell for it, suckahs!).

I did go into Carrie Bradshaw mode this year. Managed to walk on these 3-inch heels for three days. The skirt is my Christmas skirt, not to be confused with the infamous turkey pants from the series Friends. It is black silk embroidered with striking red flowers, and I usually wear a red bead necklace with it. So you see, I am indeed a Christmas tree.

The next day we needed a breath of fresh air and some exercise.

We also met this little chap, who begged and danced for nuts.

It struck me that Christmas was over, the day after we came back, as the organ grinder, who visits our neighbourhood once-yearly before the New Year, passed through. Thus, it would seem we ended this year on a positive note.

ETA: there is a photo of me wearing an apron that reads "Her Ladyship". I thought that I'd kindly spare you the sight of that. Too much keeping up appearances...

7 messages:

Milo said...

Looks like you had a good time! Mine was better than I was expecting, too.

We'll be seeing you on wp.com soon then! No more of this form filling and word verification!

Vic said...

You've doomed yourself - our family will be round to yours for Christmas next year!

Fresco said...

That looks and sounds like the perfect British Christmas.
Someday, I'd like to have one.

vikki said...

Everything looks beautiful and sounds even better. Except for the heels. I'm sure you pulled it off - I could not. ha ha.

Lula de Montes said...

@Milo: the form keeps such trolls as U. away ;-)
@Vic: you know what? I'm sure they'd have you.
@Fresco: I'm thinking of having another next year. For friends.
@Vikki: the ankle pain... words fail me.

Sven said...

Sausages wrapped in bacon are called 'pigs in blankets' in my house. Yours is a fun one though.

UrbanVox said...

Happy nu year you!!! :)
stay blessed!!


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