More randomness


1. I've become addicted to the vanilla lattes at Barsserie Nero.
2. They have a hotspot there too, so now I think that I might make it my other office.
3. Office means that I actually have work, unlike some of my colleagues, who don't... If you say the word recession fast, do you think that it will go away?
4. I didn't get red shoes, so I won't be clicking my heels anytime soon.
5. Today I managed to anger at least one person (you know who you are...).
6. I'm completely uninterested in food lately. I'll eat it but I can't bear to think about it.
7. I am gearing up for the Paleo way of life as from next week. But I'm not aspiring to Art de Vany's bod. I think that's my father-in-law's goal in life. He goes to the gym three (that's 3!!!, people) times a day. So: don't attack me about my carbon footprint or you will unleash the animal in me.
8. The L Word is finally behind us. Can we put this train wreck to rest now? Let's face it: who cares about who killed Jenny? It's just as depressing as this effin' weather.
9. We have a babysitter. It's only taken us 4.5 years. Testing her on Thursday. Wonder if she comes with a money back guarantee?
10. My SO is a member of the White House press corps for the day. Shout out and a thank you to Joe Biden for bringing this about.
11. I got so smashed on Cointreaupolitans this past Saturday that I passed out at 10 pm.
12. I missed the school shindig because I feel asleep on the sofa. Woke around 1 a.m. only to realize that the party was ending at 2 a.m. Couldn't really be bovvered...
13. I have decided that I will abstain from giving any relationship advice for the rest of my life.
14. I am soooo tired; but hey, that's not exactly breaking news, innit?

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deboo said...

re: "L Word" - we only get regular cable in our home, so the only time we see LW is when it is re-broadcast on a something like Logo or A&E. So, we'll need to wait for the DVD or until it gets re-broadcast. In the meantime, I tend to ignore LW posts so I don't get spoiled! ;-)

Congrats to the SO for being in the White House press corp for a day! What is she covering?

Hey, I just realized, this post was supposed to be about making a good & hearty stock! Your my demigoddess, woman. I'm waitin' here!


Fresco said...

Lucky you dind't get the no. 4.
High heels can be very dangerous in a no. 11 situation.

Lula de Montes said...

@deboo: you can watch all the episodes online, you know that?
SO was on the tail of Joe Biden, after three days of Hillary the whirlwind.
And yes, stock, must concentrate on stock.

@Fresco: I will have killer heels by the end of this month. Which you can take of when in a no. 11 situation. I have been known to walk home barefoot in the city.

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