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Not much else going on at the moment, so I will just share some random thoughts with you (am sensing a pattern here).

1. why did my virus scanner decide overnight that it should block every email on my computer without me changing any settings?
2. why have I still not received any mail this morning?
3. why will my child eat smoked mozzarella and the most mature Parmigiano but not touch a mild fresh mozzarella ball?
4. there must be some strange mechanism in my head that forces me to wake up at 3 p.m. in the morning.
5. I just can't bring myself to understand why my cat always has to sleep on anything that I have touched.
6. my fingers, at times, start having these strange tremors. Mind in the machine?
7. we start every dinner saying 'no wine tonight' and yet we always find ourselves having it anyway. Managed to limit ourselves to half a bottle though.
8. how is it that my sister, who is a trained chef, can accuse me of fancy dining tastes?
9. best meal I had this week: charolais beef marinated in lemon, garlic, olive oil and thyme, after grilling, with green asparagus. I guess this is proof of the statement in 8.
8. I am pondering the acquisition of some natural leather ankle boots for spring, but I just can't bring myself to buy them because of the colour.
9. I really want red ankle boots instead.
10. Being a parent has imposed the biggest strain on me ever, as it forces me to be outgoing for my child's sake.
11. I am so glad that the L Word is finally drawing to a close. It is so not my story.
12. can you tell that I am bored beyond belief at the moment?

Oh, and Deboo, my next post will be on chicken stock and anything else that anybody can suggest because my mind is facing a blank.

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Vic said...

Buy the red boots, you'll love them and cherish them and damn will they look hawt!

vikki said...

Regarding the mozzarella, I bet it's a texture thing. I love the stuff but it's a little moist and squishy.

Red boots? Yes, that seems like a necessity.

As for The L Word, I'm still going to miss it. It may not be my story but at least there are hot women that touch each other. ha ha.

Milo said...

7. Is that half a bottle each, or between you?

deboo said...

Ooooh, red ankle boots sounds perfect to me!

Thanks for the shout-out, Lula! :-)

I'm looking forward to learning how you do your stock. I love learning all the nuances that different people use. One practice that I've found successful is measuring most of my ingredients by mass. Well, the ingredients that lend themselves to such measurements, like flour, sugar, and salt to name a few. Not only is it more accurate, it's universal. I have 3 kinds of salt in the kitchen, granular, sea salt and kosher - none of which I could get a good measure by the teaspoon, but in a pinch I could use a measure by mass or weight.


PS: Have you heard about the archive bldg that collapsed in Cologne? No one seems to know why...

Fresco said...

3 PM in the morning? What kind of time zone is that?

Red boots are made for walking, and that's just what they'll do, and one of these days these boots are gonna walk along with you.


Anonymous said...

Yes you did but I'm over it now.


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