Things that made me really go weak in the knees recently
- A story written by a 10-year old about a volcano that fell in love
- the munchkin who came home with her face painted as a “princess cat”
- a kiss on my forehead from my SO, followed by a lopsided smile
- the week of sun, which felt like summer, with a hint of spring thrown in for good measure
- our photo album of Iceland, even though we looked a little butch then
- Gregorian chants
- The smell of our first Meyer lemon from our own lemon tree

Things that drove me mad recently
- my new hair
- my old hair
- The fact that certain people expect you to gloss over everything, and I mean everything.
- my search for red shoes, no! purple shoes, no! black shoes, no! No shoes!
- The fact that the old router is playing up again; and that my provider thinks it’s normal to shut off the Internet at 3 am for an hour (hello?! People do work at night, you know?)

Things that made me stop in my tracks recently
- The fact that my mother knows how to repair zippers so I no longer have to carry around 3 girls skirts in my purse while searching for a seamstress
- The fact that I won a purse organizer for having the messiest purse evah! (remember the photographic evidence?)
- My mirror image
- Chris and Fresco’s sequel to the events in the supermarket parking lot

Things I really, really want
- A trip to London
- A trip to Iceland
- my old hair
- a pair of red shoes, no! purple shoes, no! black shoes
- a starbucks mug that says London on it (did you hear me, Fresco?)
- a cheese sandwich?

7 messages:

vikki said...

You had me at the fresh lemon. That sounds divine.

Vic said...

Kill two birds with one stone - get a trip to London and the starbucks mug in one!

Fresco said...

Loud and clear, darling, loud and clear. But you'll have to earn the bleedin' mug, ain't ya!
Now, ever wondered what happened with Genevieve when she got home?
She killed herself.
Sad, innit...
And what I'm thinking is: pink shoes?

Chris said...

That is : Genevieve tried to kill herself, but got resusitated by me!
I looked deep into her eyes, and said : this is what I did to make me feel proud today...

Lula de Montes said...

Sheesh, Chris, all that sexy and you know First Aid too? Dial 1-9000-Chris for the perfect man, people! You are too noble. Fresco, on the other hand, is too darn cruel. Poor Genevieve, pills?!

Fresco said...

Yes, pills.
That was however the 12- version.
The 12+ version is: she threw herself from the 23th floor of her flat building and smashed down in a very messy way.

Chris said...

12+ version : despite my effords, Genevieve is lost. For ever and ever. Courtesy Fresco, innit?

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