Reader's letter! The Reluctant Blogger asketh...


oooh! I got my first 'Dear Abby' letter!

No, seriously, I thought the Reluctant Blogger asked a very good question!

"I'm no domestic goddess, but when it comes to entertaining, the food creation falls to me - I like doing meals, if not baking. BUT, when I do the cooking, then I'm always worried, and distracted. Then I can't enjoy having our guests. When it's all over, I'm tired and grumpy and I don't have a good time.

How can I provide a nice time for guests, but still have fun for myself as well???? Do you, Oh Miss Domestic Goddess, have an answer for me?????"

My answer:

I think you'll find that everyone is stressed out and exhausted when cooking for company. In my case, cooking for my family involves cooking for one trained chef, a specialist in French cuisine and my SO, who grew up in a restaurant... Enough to have my hair on end, flour flying, and to warrant a lot of curses and expletives as I cook.
At the end of the day, I just opt for easy meals, and an open kitchen helps - when guests are present, you can't do all of the above. You're supposed to look cool and put together, be charming and above all, behave yourself.
Oh, and did I mention cocktails? Alcohol is really helpful. Invest in any sparkling wine, moderately priced, designed not to give you a headache, and not deemed plonk, and shower your guests, and more importantly, yourself with it.
I guarantee you happy cooking.

VoilĂ , my pearls of wisdom for today!

Carry on!

4 messages:

Vic said...

Your answer sounds dangerous - I'd be out of commission before dinner was even served, let alone able to serve it!

Vikki said...

I think alcohol is the key, definitely. I find that having a few friends hanging in the kitchen with me and talking over drinks relaxes everyone.

deboo said...

Uh-oh. I'm gonna have to start posting to my blog again! :-\

Yes, indeedy, I did ask our DM if she would help me out. Good answer, but I'll have to go easy on the bubbly - makes me pass out if I drink too much ... and half-way thru fixing dinner? Well, that wouldn't be a good thing!

You're right, everyone would be quite relaxed. Maybe they won't notice the burned roast, or the lumpy potatoes...


deboo said...

Oh! I forgot to ask. I'm not familiar with the term, "plonk." Must go search the Internet...

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