Sun! Oh god, the sun!


A quick photo post from my lair because I have spent most of this week in the sun, on the streets, on the squares of Antwerp, smelling lilacs, admiring the leaves of linden trees, hearing children play in squares and rediscovering my city.

So I leave you with some impressions, as I settle down for a relaxing evening.

The Facade Building around my corner: a Flemish author leaves here, hence the lemma for the word, facade, on the building.

The Boat House in the Museum district, which we bike by every morning and evening.

An installation on mobile living on the quays by the Scheldt, near the munchkin's school.

The Scheldt, and the port as seen from the Left Bank (we live on the right bank, where the cathedral is).

Although I love the port and its industrial structures, I am extremely aware of its impact on the countryside around it. At the moment, the inhabitants of Doel are fighting a desperate battle to protect their village from progress. I posted something on this last year here.

I took some photos in Doel last year in November. The quality is not excellent because they were taken at dusk. I chose to add these because last Sunday, when we drove through it, we found a changed village.

The former restaurant in the photo above, the white structure with the cars parked in front of it, has now gone. It has been demolished.

The mill is a heritage site, so they will have to either take it down and transport it brick by brick to the heritage park on the other side of the country. Or their other choice is to leave it there, so it can sit amongst the containers, like the dehallowed church of Wilmarsdonk, as seen below.

Photo courtesy of Hotlar on Flickr.

Either way, you can tell the residents of Doel are now under pressure to make way for the containers and cranes as progress looms on the horizon...

Something to think about on a nice, sunny evening...

6 messages:

frau genau said...

I had dinner in the boat house once (someone I know used to live there)

vikki said...

I love seeing all the pics. It's like taking a tour of your sights.

Chris said...

Bestaat Lillo eigenlijk nog, en is het de moeite waard om het eens te bezoeken?

Fresco said...

Picture # 1: Is that the Tom Lanoye residence?

Milo said...

Nice pictures!

Lula de Montes said...

@frau genau: is the interior just as gorgeous as the exterior?
@Fresco: yup, it is. But he only lives there part-time. It's known as "den BV-blok" around our parts.
@Chris: Lillo was tot twee jaar geleden mijn lievelingsplekje in de haven tot ATV er een docu over maakte. Toen overrompeling. Nu ga ik er nog graag heen met de overzet vanuit Doel.
@Milo: thanks!
@Vikki: an Italian post to follow soon.

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