Steak Tartare!


Just a quick post on a long-standing favourite of mine. I have been eating this since I was 7 in the old Parisian-style brasseries of Antwerp. (American readers, don't bother, as I know you have a fetish about the words 'raw', 'egg' and 'meat' when combined).

The meal is of course steak tartare. Ingredients as seen below:

250 g of raw ground beef. 1 onion. Some Hellman's mayonaise (cheating, I know, but I like it better that way). Organic Heinz ketchup. Ground pepper (red, white, black). Maldon salt. Worcestershore sauce. And I should add capers, but since I only actually like apple capers and I was out of them, I didn't use them.

Give the beef another good mincing. Chop and add onions. Crack egg, reserve yolk (and use the egg white for a Pavlova). Then the good stuff is added and you mix and blend until you have perfected the taste. The finished product sits below: unfortunately no French fries, since we are still on the hunting and gathering path, so I used celery stalks instead, which I sprinkled with some cayenne pepper for the hotness.

Et voilĂ : lunch is served. And it was delish! Try it, you might actually like it.

Two caveats: a good restaurant will let you prepare this yourself, bringing the equivalent of the middle photo and all the condiments to your table. And you always need to be very careful about the origin of your meat and eggs. Think about your sourcing, people!

Enjoy your Sunday.

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Milo said...

See, I'm reasonably adventurous with food, but draw the line with raw meat. Of course, in Japan I wasn't averse to raw fish (though didn't have it all that often) but I've never been able to bring myself to eat raw meat; don't think I can. Raw egg is OK in an unbaked lemon cheesecake, for example.

As you mention, you would NOT want to be using Tesco Value range ingredients to be making that dish! hehehe.

Chris said...

Milo does not know what he is missing. Try the steak tartare @ Café Theatre in Ghent.

Vic said...

Heinz do organic ketchup?
And your last point shows why I've never tried this (although being incredibly uncooked beef I imagine I'd love it). I honestly don't think I'd trust raw anything coming out of our local supermarket...

Lula de Montes said...

@Vic: yup, they do. We bought this at Cost-Cutters', our English supermarket in Belgium.

@Vic & Milo: the meat comes from our local butcher's, the egg from an organic farm. But there is always that sense of trepidation...

@Chris: I will drive to Ghent, just that for that. Oh, and maybe the chocolate bar.

Fresco said...

Last summer, I've been quite a good steak tartare chef myself with the help of the 1-2-3 steps of SOS Piet.
I've forgotten all about it, but will add it again to the menu at Fresco HQ.
Thanks for the reminder.

Milo said...

@Chris for all my Continental pretensions I am too much of an English square to eat raw meat I'm afraid ;-)

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