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The munchkin's been doing a cute imitation of Madonna's new song "4 minutes to save the world", singing 'tick tock tick tock' with a huge grin on her face. It beats hearing 'gimme gimme gimme' from the backseat by a long stretch (caused by being inadvertently subjected to Britney Spears' latest hit).

But let's examine the Material Girl's latest output: am I comfortable with the fact that she looks like someone took an eraser to her face? Not so. The corsetry? Nice, but been there, done that. Coming on to Justin Timberlake? Pffft. Janet Jackson did that years ago, and showed us a boob in the process. The body? I admire her stamina, but I hate to think what she will look like by 75.
The song itself? Well, it sort of crawls up on you, takes you by surprise, and then you find yourself humming it for days on end.

But I find myself missing that cutting edge that characterised her music and videos in the 80s and 90s... Twenty-five years since it hit me, the Madonna Effect is MIA.

So, as yet, no Hard Candy for me.

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Fresco said...

I'm still not getting used to this new single by the Madonna, there's so / too much going on in that song.
I liked the Madonna the most in het Express Yourself and Vogue period, although Confessions was brilliant too.

deboo said...

Sometimes I think that while being a rocker may be in the blood, the blood does tend to show its age after all is said and done. I have always appreciated Madonna for her talent, but she disdains to show maturity. I would like to see her grow comfortable with her age and sing to that for those of us who were there with her from the beginning. Hard to connect with her these days.

Anonymous said...

Haven't heard the new stuff yet but I love the 80s stuff!

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