oh she was gorgeous - Sharbat Gula


Many decades ago, before I was a lesbian in the making and my blue school uniform came emblazoned with a monogramme, I remember being particularly impressed with the cover of the National Geographic Magazine of June 1985. The photo - taken by Steve McCurry - had a young Afghan girl staring out at the world, with iridiscent green eyes.

Seventeen years later, photographer and subject were reunited. Like a latter-day Pre-Raphaelite beauty, Sharbat Gula's face continues to mesmerize people worldwide, like myself.

Lest we forgot the message behind the beauty of this young woman, here is a short reminder...

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Anonymous said...

I think (though may be wrong) that this is at the National Portrait Gallery at the moment as part of their new exhibition of portraits


I read about it one of the free newspapers here and am sure that pic was showing.

I plan to go.

Lula de Montes said...

Hi Sieg,

I don't think so, because the exhibit only shows VF photos. I so hope to get to London to see it, because I really want to see the early photos.

M27 said...
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Anonymous said...

Aghhhhhh! Was ALL set to go to this (having been inspired by your post). I left it too late and it's now sold out. Grrrrrrrrr.


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