The Big Freeze (c'ntd)


And yes, we are still in big, fat freeze mode. The snow has not melted away yet, and this morning, Mother Nature added some fog to the cocktail. This is starting to feel like a real winter, and it's about time too. Yesterday, we took the munchie and her friend to the park for a good walk in the snow. Much fun was had by all amongst all this bucolic loveliness. It was a welcome break from work, although simply reading a good book by the radiator with a nice cup of hot chocolate in the other hand would have been equally enjoyable.

The current frosty conditions have also meant that I have had to dust off my Timberlands (the shoes at the bottom of the cupboard). Some of you might even be amazed to known that I own a pair of these clodhoppers. Since I am adverse to falling flat on my face on the icy pavements and streets of my fair city, I, unfortunately, have no choice but to trade in my fancier footwear for this.
I also realized that I never did post a photo of the New Year's ham, so here is a photo of the object steeping away. The finished product was eaten so fast that I was unable to get a pic.
I will now align my nose with the grindstone and get back to it. Work beckons, alas.

2 messages:

Milo said...

Ham looked lush!

Cold here too. Novelty worn off now!

Fresco said...

Those Timberlands spell Diesel dyke :-) but, yes, those boots are made for walking.

I made an express page 370 yesterday for winter diner, the ingredients came out of a tin and unfortunately it tasted like that too. Can you buy fresh zuurkool? I don’t even know how it looks like.

Page 230 for lunch however, tasted much better.

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