Lost Monday


On the first Monday after Twelfth Night Antwerpers hurry over to their pubs and bakeries for the annual delicacy known as 'worstenbrood en appelbollen' (sausage rolls and apple pastries).

The munchkin and I thus had our task cut out for us after school. Make our way over to Bakkerij Goossens (est. 1884 or thereabouts), stand in line outside in the cold, burrow through the door, wait politely behind the rope with the other 5 people who fit in the store at one time and contain excitement.

The daily/hourly queue at Goossens

Because this place is the bane of my existence. I am incapable of thinking properly in the presence of coconut rochers, sukade breads (white bread, powdered with sugar and containing confit fruit), buttery pains au chocolat, beautifully rolled butter croissants, etc. The list, as you imagine, goes on.

The munchkin gnawed happily on the milk sandwich she was handed by the owner (this woman is able to spot a future customer/child a mile away in the sea of adult legs) and I fainted as the same woman then proceeded to walk in with a tray of warm sausage rolls, which she patted lovingly and then called out for all to hear: "freshly baked, who needs sausage rolls?".

We patiently waited our turn and then proceeded home with our precious cargo, which was promptly inserted into a 220° C oven, which should be immediately turned down to 180°, and delivered hot and crusty to the table after a good ten minutes.

At the town hall, the councillors are also traditionally served a meal of worstenbrood and appelbollen on this day, and in my old haunt (the jenever café in the centre of Antwerp) regulars are also treated to this snack.

Don't you just love traditions?

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Milo said...

Can you imagine anything like that in UK?

That is the joy of being on the Continent. They take food, for ordinary people, seriously. Good food is not just the domain of the pretentious.

And I LOVE home-made sausage rolls!

UrbanVox said...

I am seriously tempted to pay a visit to Antwerp! :)
would u have us there???

Vic said...

I would be so fat if I lived close to that place - it sounds amazing!

vikki said...

Yes, I love traditions. This all looks and sounds amazing.

Fresco said...

Don’t you just love traditions?
You went to A’s Nieuwjaarsdrink too?
I’m thinking about what could be the tradition where I live.

Oh wait…

Lula de Montes said...

@Vikki, Milo, Vic, UrbanVox: I think you should all visit Antwerp. It's small, pretty, interesting and the food (and beer!) are excellent. I think I need to talk to the tourist board about some remuneration...

Lula de Montes said...

@Fresco: nope, was out using my Timbalands in the snow at my mother's. Had the new year's cocktail in our street the night before and the booze had not settled well. Oh, Aalst and carnival indeed. Have never been though. Is this a complete lack of culture?

Fresco said...

Lula: On the contrary, you got taste.

toomawashi - wimini said...

I can however recall Fresco & me being dressed up and ready to go @ Aalst carnaval :-) or am i spilling the beans here LOL

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