The big freeze


Winter is finally here, peeps, and us lesser mortals, who are not used to fending off the cold are suffering. Hair has gone static, rosebud salves have been purchased and the bucket of cold cream opened. The pavements look like ice sheets, and Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer is generally getting a run for his money.

Time for some comfort food, methinks. Yesterday, I broke out the cheese fondue recipe for one, by taking a nice ripe Vacherin Mont D'Or cheese, gently slicing it open, inserting some black truffle shavings and placing the little wooden box in the oven to bake. The outcome: unctuous, oozing warmth, which I lapped up with some excellent brown bread.

Exactly what the doctor ordered as I try to get over the shock of resuming work.

What will this new year bring? Much of the same old, same old, I fear. So far my intention of going to the pool has already been put on the backburner as the work flows in. I try to keep up but the hopelessness of this mission is already becoming abundantly clear to me. So: short posts, more food, more photos this next week as I try valiantly to reach the speed of sound...

In other news, here is the last of the Christmas ham that we had for New Year. It lasted all of four days, which is quite good, all things considered. Covered it in my own home-made cranberry sauce for the glaze and it was better than last year's.

Today I hit the sales in an attempt to find new sneakers (or trainers, as Milo correctly points out. What do you expect after having lived with an Ammie for 12 years?) as the old ones had all but croaked. I *really* did try to look at the Adidas ones, in hopes of finding a cool stripe. But at the end of the day they just didn't do it for me and I settled for these instead. Laugh all you want but the diamanté just hit my inner Marilyn Monroe and so I forked out the requisite 65 euros.

4 messages:

Milo said...

Nice, we both bough trainers today!

Vic said...

65 euros is a bargain for trainers with diamantes on!

vikki said...

Well, that cheese looks pretty good to me. You know...velveeta melts like that. ha ha.

As for the shoes, I'm sure you look quite fetching in them.

Lula de Montes said...

@Milo and Vic: I hear you loud and clear, me dears.
@vikki: I am going to have to find me some Velveeta, because I am well and truly mystified.

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