Once again I've been awfully remiss about updating this blog. For once, it is not due to my natural slothness. Instead, I've been trying to juggle work, a four-year old, and incredible summer weather over the last month, meaning we have literally lived on the street.

Did we eat? Yes, of course. Was the food delicious? Yes.

Coming up - a post on porchetta, another one making rose ice-cream, and one on the delicious drink known as Pimm's. I kid you not. I will be updating this blog in the next 48 hours.

In the meantime, I have a swimming-pool that is beckoning.


6 messages:

Vic said...

I think the swimming pool is much more important than the blog. You have my full permission to remain absent - at least until the weather breaks.

Vikki said...

It's probably the Pimm's keeping you from blogging, huh?

Milo said...

One of these days we'll finally get you to move to wordpress!!

Fresco said...

"Meaning we have literally lived on the street."

You're a bag lady now clutching a bottle of Pimm's and showering at swimming pools? :-)

urbanvox said...

you REALLY should move to wordpress! :P
and yup... swimming pool is more imprtant than blogging in this heat... P:)

Anonymous said...

Lula, darraling. With the rain tempering the heat. Please make us some rose ice cream!

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