Le perroquet bleu?


In other news, our ancient wine opener caved in the other day. Well, to be honest, it was an accident waiting to happen given our excessive consumption of white and red ambrosia (and that's not including the prosecco we imbibe). There's no better wake-up call than a trip to the bottle dump... It's a true walk of shame in this household.

So the munchkin and I took ourselves over to one of the swankier home stores in the city, after deciding against the traditional Laguiole opener. Let's face it, you're talking to the woman who managed to stab herself in the leg with a Leatherman tool only last week in a feisty slapdown with a Disney toy. At this point, I'll take safety over tradition, any time.

As we walked in, and I gripped my wallet tightly, hoping to minimize damage on my credit card bill, my daughter pounced on a bright blue object in the display.

- Munchkin: Look mummy, it's a parrot!
-Me: Yes, dear, but can it open a bottle?
- Shop assistant: It *is* a wine opener. It's by Alessi. (she said that just a little too emphatically for my taste).
- Me: Alessi, did you say?
- Shop assistant: Yes, it only costs *nominal amount*.
- Me: (trying not to pass out, squeak)
- Munchkin: We'll take it.
- Me (glaring at the munchkin and coughing up the dough to the evil grinning shop assistant).

On a good note, it *is* indeed a wine opener and it does indeed open a bottle. Effortlessly. But why did it have to be a bright blue PARROT?

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deb said...

Oh, you got off easy!

We have a fancy-schmancy, expensive cork popper. Why? Because, I am ashamed to say, without it my ineptness chews up the cork and pushes it into the bottle. :-(

Definitely not a pretty sight.

I like the color...

Milo said...

That style is a 'waiter's corkscrew' if memory serves. And is the type I use. More refined than those big clunky things with 2 arms aren't they?? Love the colour!

Fresco said...

You may be an alcoholic, at least you open your bottles with Alessi, eh? :-)

Vic said...

Because only a bright blue parrot woudl satisfy the munchkin!

Lula de Montes said...

well, it pains me to report that my SO manages to open every bottle effortlessly; my attempt at eviscerating a cork yesterday was met with contempt from the parrot; or maybe it was the Beaujolais.

Milo said...

Lula - sounds a bit show-offy but I open every bottle effortlessly too. But then again, when you get the amount of practice I do from week to week, it's not surprising!

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