Pizza - the lazy way


In the same Italian vein as my previous post, one evening I decided that I needed pizza. Rather than venture out on a balmy evening to our local Italian charmer and his tiny, but hot pizzeria, I decided I would try to put together something similar myself.

But, I am the natural sloth. And a fan of the express way. So rather than slave over a ball of dough in order to create the right type of pizza base, I hemmed and hawed and pondered how to make life easier.

Now in Antwerp, we are fortunate to have our weekly double feature market - always a Moroccan or Turkish stand around, always some flatbreads to be had. Except that there is one stand, at the top of the theatre square, which not only serves good mint tea, but also sells a range of different flatbreads. More specifically, a flatbread, that resembles a pizza base.

Once I had my base, I realised that I would have to compensate for its foreign nature with some good Italian tomatoes. Thanks to La Tomaterie, I found some excellent hand-peeled San Marzano tomatoes from La Motticella; the true taste of old tomato varieties, that are grown organically and treated with love. The kind of jar that you open and when the scent hits you, you suddenly are transported to another country, to a country where slow is a way of life, and where ripe really means falling off the plant. These tomatoes are so good that you can eat them raw, and it was all I could do not to attack them.
With that, I had something to work with for a tomato base. Add some freshly grown basil, garlic, tomatoes, carrot and dried oregano (yes, we forgot to plant some!) and you almost have a pizza.

The last ingredient: mozzarella; shredded. Since this was an express pizza, I resorted to the bagged stuff from the supermarket. But it worked for us, and since I couldn't immediately lay my hands on the recipe for my dad's old cheese mix, it had to suffice.

Below is the finished result, pre-oven:

Given that there was none left to photograph afterwards, I would say it was a hit?

8 messages:

Fresco said...

OK, stop - how can I order please.

Milo said...

Mmmm, I love home made pizza! My dad also used to make it for when I was younger. Loved it!

Vic said...

When you come to London (swine flu or no, you're not getting out of it), you'll have to make us pizza - that looks delicious!

Vikki said...

Brava! I would like a piece of that right now.

Lula de Montes said...

I don't get it - a bunch of tomatoes, some north African bread and you're all in apoplexy? My lowliest kitchen effort in months?

deboo said...

It may be yer "lowliest kitchen effort" in a while, but it's impressive. Let's eat!


Milo said...

Cos it's home-made comfort food and we all like comfort food!

Lula de Montes said...

Milo: you win the prize for the best comment. Pizza coming your way ;-)

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