Purse, not purslane...


Some of you will remember my monster purse from last year... I still find it amazing that I lugged all that around, and that did not even include the curtain!

Well, the purse was entered in a competition and won a prize for messiest purse around: a purse organiser or a Hopper as it is known.

One year later, I would just like to share my purse with you:
What a vast improvement, wouldn't you say?
If you need some order in your life, go to www.organizeandstyle.com for your own.

3 messages:

Milo said...

Your old one was like Mary Poppins luv! Everything but the kitchen sink!

Fresco said...

Haha, the purse with the curtain, yes - no wonder it won a prize. You were worse than a bag lady! :-)

Glad you got assistance from those nice Hopper people. :-)

Lula de Montes said...

@fresco and @milo I am still a bag lady - but a little bit more organised now. The only embarrassing thing that I yanked out of it in public not so long ago was a bra. Shameful.

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