Another day, another must-have: Claus Porto soaps


No, I'm not one of Oprah's little minions. But I happened to catch the press release regarding her favourite things list (which she gives away every year during some monster show) and my eye happened to fall on the following item.

I am by no means a label junkie; what I am instead is much worse: a packaging junkie. And these soaps are classic when it comes to packaging.

Claus Porto was founded in 1887 by two Germans near Oporto. The soap-makers soon become renowned throughout Europe and the world, for their fine soaps. The factory is still family-owned, and run by the great grandson of Achilles de Brito, who continues with the great soap making traditions that were a matter of honour for the original founders.

Only the best shea butter and the finest fragrances from the south of France are used for these soaps, which include wild pansy, poppy, honeysuckle, grapefruit & fig, etc.

But the packaging, oh the packaging...

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Siegfried said...

This is so almost off-topic but indulge me. I went to the gym this evening after work and in the shower, the person before me at evidently left his mini Molton Browns in the shower, a shampoo (which I didn't use as I stick to my Head'n'Shoulders in the morning) and a quite lovely shower/bath gel called 'blissful templetress'. I've never indulged in expensive toiletries but this sure tempted me. As both mini bottles were 2/3rds finished, I left them for the next person. Would have felt wrong to have taken them anyway.

Lula de Montes said...

But you smelled their delicious fragrance... Didn't it tempt you to step into a Molton Brown store tomorrow and explore more?

Otherwise I can staunchly recommend the Officina Santa Maria Novella (in London and in Antwerp, where the owner seems to have rolled right out of a Renaissance painting, with curly hair and a delicious accent). He is too gorgeous... Last time, he definitely had the 'just shagged' look down to a T.

Siegfried said...

Sounds like an interesting shop!

Yes, I'd be interested in visiting Molton Brown to buy some staff after the gym episode, but might wait until the January sales I think. It's close to my office so I'll definitely be paying it a visit.

Lula de Montes said...

Molton Brown's nice. I don't know if they do sales though? In Brussels, at any rate, they never do. When do the January sales start by the way? After X-mas?

Siegfried said...

Sadly enough, usually boxing day (26th). Some places don't start until 1st Jan but in this age of conspicuous consumption it's usually straight after Christmas.

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