Oh she was gorgeous!*: Marcia Cross


OK, given the ravage on Cape Cod, Massachusetts this weekend, I thought I might do something good for the Bay State ;-) (Go Sox! and I hope power's up and running again, Mom-in-law, and that your move went well).

Today we give a shoutout to that phenomenal redhead, Marcia Cross, who is from Marlborough, MA . Most avid TV viewers will probably be familiar with her character Bree van de Kamp from Desperate Housewives (not her alter ego, I might stress, but rather a Martha Stewart on steroids). Those who are a little older, like myself, will probably remember the scene from Melrose Place in which Kimberly Shaw rips off that wig.

Then of course, there was the juicy gossip/rumour about presumed lesbianism, which started on Datalounge and took the world by storm.

Anyhow, I'm happy to report that the divine Ms Cross is since married to some stockbroker type and the mother of twin girls, Savannah and Eden.

And may I take this opportunity to express my hope that many more episodes of Desperate Housewives will follow... In the meantime, I will feast my eyes on that pumpkin mane and those wonderful curves for a while longer.

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