Oh she was gorgeous - Aishwarya Rai


OK, I'll confess. I don't really know that much about Aishwarya Rai beyond the fact that she is a L'Oreal model and I've only ever seen two of her movies. That said, I really enjoyed from Amritsar to LA or Bride and Prejudice as it is known over here. Oh wait, there was also the whole Richard Gere kiss incident, which led to warrants for her arrest and public outcries of obscenity all over India. I will refrain from commenting on the latter fact as I'm completely not au fait with India's local customs.

And so off to Wikipedia I went, where I learnt that the lovely Indian actress is younger than myself, is a former Miss World no less, an extremely popular actress in India, who married an even hotter Indian commodity, Abhishek Bachchan. The last phrase in the Wikipedia article was midly intriguing to say the least: "The actress is said to have married a peepal tree at Benaras, a banana tree at a Bangalore temple and a god’s idol in Ayodhya due to astrological reasons".

Her fans and Bollywood aficionados call her Ash.

I just call her hello gorgeous.

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Siegfried said...

Extremely pretty I agree!

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