Le current mood - Proof that I'm sinking into deep 50s housewife mode


I baked cranberry muffins for breakfast this morning.

I have been humming 'The Lonely Goatherd' from the Sound of Music for two whole days now.

I depress myself.

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Siegfried said...

Small world! I made blueberry muffins last night (first time I've ever made them I think). Of the 12 in the batch, 11 were eaten (by the 3 of us) so hopefully a good sign. They were quite small, but nice.

PS I do like the Sound of Music!

Lula de Montes said...

Yum! Still three to go of our batch of 12. I usually also add raspberries to the mix.

I adore the SOM, but most people hate it with a vengeance. I can't think why. It's so gay ;-)

Siegfried said...

LOL, that's why we like it :)

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