3,000 and counting?


Do you find that "don't mention the war!" seems to have become the new paradigm? Until a few months ago, all was doom and gloom on our TV news, with the newscaster delivering 'today's figures of dead soldiers in Iraq' with the required sérieux... And now. Nothing. Nobody's keeping count anymore.
I'm prepared to bet that civilians and soldiers alike are being killed and buried in Iraq on a daily basis. Yet, already this war seems to reek of yesteryear... Have we become bored in this age of the fastest media ever? Desensitized when it comes to images of the dead?
With Turkey flexing its muscles on the northern Iraqi border and Turkish youths thrashing an Armenian-owned (supposedly Kurdish) café in Brussels only a few days ago in retaliation for the death of 12 Turkish soldiers, I don't know really what my point is, except:
even though this war is abhorrent to me, we should always remember that it is still there.
There, I've gone and said it.

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