One receives a Noble Prize, the other a life sentence


Bring on Friday, ladies and gentlemen.

It's Nobel Prize Week and yet again a slew of fantastic authors has been passed over in favour of one Doris Lessing for the Nobel Prize for Literature. Hurray, only the 11th woman to win the Prize (compared to 91 men!). I'm not a feminist by any means, and I profess to having read nothing by the esteemed authoress* (which is by no means a reflection on the merits of her writings, I hasten to add). But 91-11: it is a bit jarring, when you think about it, no?

In other news today, 18-year old Hans Van Themsche was found guilty and condemned to life in prison today for killing a 2-year old toddler and her African nanny, and attempting to shoot a Turkish woman during a mad killing spree inthe streets of Antwerp last year. A different skin colour, in his eyes, amounted to a walking target, I guess. His motives repell me, so does his psyche.

For centuries, Antwerp has turned its face to the world as a port city. It pains me then that one third of Antwerp voters feels sufficiently threatened to vote for a fascist party. I can't say that I am always enthused by the behaviour of my co-inhabitants in this great city, but I do my bit: shop at the Turkish baker, veggie store and butcher's for my food, powwow with my Moroccan neighbour, and try to embrace diversity to the best of my capabilities.

So, can we all take down our "Zonder Haatstraat" (No Hate Street) signs now, get on with our lives and continue to live together peacefully again?

Thank you and have a good Friday!

* I have read several books by her forerunner, Elfriede Jelinek, though!

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