Thanks to the delectable Dorothy Snarker, I have discovered that there is a series on American TV named Damages with Glenn Close as a headliner.

For the moment, all I have to go by are the screen caps and promo shots of course. But hey, tailored suits, Glenn Close, what more does a girl need to get through the weekend? Looking at the photos, she reminded of the character of Joyce Wischnia in the L Word for a nanosecond. But better-looking?

That said, I can only assume that we will have to wait another four years before it hits Belgium. Grmmmbl. Must talk to my so about relocating back to the US. Unfortunately, that would also mean having to deal with seven thousand ads being fired at your retina every hour. I don't know if I can handle that much non-information.

Anyway, off I go to find out more about this series... (from the same people who gave us Nip/Tuck so there is hope yet, girls.).

UPDATE - I've been catching up on this series and I love it!

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