Mombian? Dumbledore is gay? Gaybours?


I had a good laugh this morning. I had already heard of such interesting terms as guestbian, hasbian, but now apparently someone has coined the term mombian.
Love it, although I wouldn't think of myself in those terms.

I was reminded of my situation a little yesterday while watching the latest episode of Desperate Housewives and their gaybours (language is such a versatile and plastic thing). Ironically enough, when we found our house, we were reassured by its former owners that we certainly wouldn't feel out of place, given that there already were two other (male) gay couples on the street.
What a gay place to be. And of course, we've all been properly and duly assimilated.

On the subject of assimilation, my 3-year old is currently dealing with the mysteries of 'dad'. The other children in her school all have standard mum/dad families, and of course the lack of men (high male mortality rate in this family + inlaws live abroad) is glaringly obvious. As she pays more attention to books and sees kids being dropped off by their dads, she is curious but realizes that she herself has two mums (although not the Heather has two mommies' variety).

A good book for kids that age, I think, is Emma and Meesha My Boy by Kaitlyn Considine, although our little one would argue that the book is about us (since the characters resemble us and we also have a cat).

And finally speaking of gay characters and children, what do we make of the news that Albus Dumbledore, the esteemed head of Hogwarts School of Magic, was gay? I think the jury's still out on that one in this household.

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