The L word, the next season and some Bette Porter loveliness


So what is going on in the world of the L Word, I ask myself?
As I am not a dedicated follower of the girls on mediaboulevard and twop, I wouldn't know.

My eyes have detected a spoilerish trailer, which is weaving its way through the internet, raising the hopes in hearts of many a fangirl.

What can I say? Initially, during season 1, I was captivated by the whole concept. Women who looked like women, a couple considering a baby, both holding an interesting a job, a circle of friends that was witty and fun to hang around with... and then everything derailed and went horribly black, as we all watched, appalled how Shane left her wife to be standing all alone in snowy Canada at the altar, how Bette drove away into the night with Baby Angelica, etc.
I looked at the lesbians around me and thought: surely, this is not the way that we live, and looooooove?

Anyway, I look forward to the horror, the horror of next season. In the meantime, I tend to look at spoilers from behind my interlaced fingers and click on new trailers on youtube.

Let the countdown begin.

--- In the meantime, to keep you dreaming, here is some Bette Porter loveliness (courtesy of the Fabulous Jennifer Beals Yahoo Group via FeroForum).

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