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Like so many other people at the moment, I'm alternately hacking, sniffling, barking, and wheezing my way through life. Only, I've had this cold since SO was operated at the end of January. So while SO is making a speedy recovery and more or less looks the paragon of health, I'm flailing next to her with pain in my chest.

Matters aren't helped, naturally, by the fact that, as usual, just before a holiday, everyone in the world needs work done.

And finally, add to this already explosive mixture, the coming of teenage age of our toddler. Honestly, some days we're really sure that she's three going on thirteen.
Every morning we start out on a happy note, only to find in the half hour that she has to get ready for school, that the only word she knows is *NO!*. In the face of such disobedience, her two mothers are literally wrecked. Because what can you do when a child says no and won't budge?

Also, this is the dangerous age, where they start feeding off an audience. My point was proven this afternoon in a store, where she was on the verge of meltdown no. 5 of the day and I was holding on to her for dear life, and I suddenly realised that she was actually looking at people around us while struggling against me and grumbling. Such fun. We have now become users of the time-out concept and have resorted to fish oil chews in hopes of calming her down a little.

Nobody said it was going to be easy. But if it's already this bad at three, what's it going to be like at thirteen, when you can't hold on to them like that?

So, we soldier boldly on. And I might consider going to see our GP tomorrow because I'm feeling past the point of repair.

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luscious said...

get well soon, lula. I'll be your partner in crime since I'm also barking, luckily not up the wrong tree. but what can one expect with such shitty weather?
good luck and strong nerves for coping with your teenage toddler. I've said it before and I'll say it again: kudos to you, happy that it's not me!

Anonymous said...

Our children should definitely meet. On second thoughts, heaven help us.

Here's hoping you feel better soon - I feel finally like I've turned the corner today. Hope you do too!

Lula de Montes said...

I'm actually no longer coughing. And I am the proud owner of a gym membership since yesterday.

If we make it across the puddle known as the North Sea, I'll let you know, although we tend to traipse the area between Rye and Richmond, which I gather, is nowhere near. Although it's a good excuse to come down south ;-).

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