Parental (di)stress part II - going that extra mile


I've been reading a lot of other blogs lately, seeing a lot of friends lately.

What shines through in all the blogs, books, discussions is that we all feel that we are coming up short when it comes to our parenting skills and practice. Think about all the things we worry about:
- are our kids getting enough sleep, food, love? Are they potty-trained, and when should they be? Are we making them the right lunches? Are they getting their fish oil and vitamin intake? Did we give them too many cookies today?
- what about their interaction with other kids, i.e. are they being bullied, are they nice, are they bullying, do they have friends, etc.?
- performance at school or in playgroup? Are they happy, well-balanced, or stressed out and tired? Are we expecting too much from them?
- are they wearing the right outfit for carnival? Did we spend enough hours making a fantastic outfit? Did we bake the right amount of cakes?
- are we giving them the right answers? Are we helping them on their way through to life? Did we make the right choice when making the choices that we did?

I could go on.

Did our parents worry like we do? Or is this just typical behaviour of parents in this century? And are all parents confronted with these worries?

And what about news items like these:
- Florida mom uses car power washer on toddler
- toddler force-fed liquor, had broken arm
- 4-year old shows up to elementary school drunk

So let me hear your thoughts on parenting, being parents, worries, etc.

Why do we worry in the first place? I'm beginning to think that we are all doing a fine job. So three cheers to us, because it seems as if we could all do with a pat on the back.

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Vikki said...

I know for a fact that my mother didn't worry like I do. My mom had bigger picture worries because she was a single parent. The kind of worrying I do is really a reflection of the amount of privilege I have.

luscious said...

and this is supposed to convince me into parenthood? heh, I think not. but I understand your worries. that's what's keeping me from starting a family in the first place...

Lula de Montes said...

@Vikki: you are so right. I think we all worry too much, but I am incapable of stopping.

@Luscious: it's one helluva ride, but it's a nice one!

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