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Tonight my daughter went to sleep clutching a silk skirt with a palm tree motif.
About twenty minutes later, I heard noise in the bathroom. Upon inspection, I found out that she was trying on the skirt in front of the mirror.
Thank God, her tiara was downstairs.
She's 3.

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deboo said...

Neither of our daughters has been very princess-like. Although one is much more feminine than the other. No princess phases. I think it is a very innate trait. One thing Katie did at 2 was pose with hand on hip, other arm held a purse.

On the other hand, the last time Megan was in dress (around 2.5 yrs) she threw such a hissy fit and tantrum, that we have never had the heart to make her wear one again. She always looked like a little football player in a dress, anyway...

As for Katie, it's gotta be in the genes, cuz it isn't in her environment!

Lula de Montes said...

Welcome aboard! I'm just letting her loose at the moment. But trying to get her to wear pants at the moment is an issue. Every day is 'rokjesdag' (skirt day).

deboo said...

Thanks for the welcome! I enjoy your writing. More, more!

You've changed the look of your blog site. Of course, mine keeps changing, too. I haven't been able to settle on anything just yet.

Clothes - don't get me started!

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