The word Fierce was invented for them


In my ever continuing sage of dance in all its forms, and prompted by LesbianDad's mention of Carmen, I give you this little snippet of raw flamenco.

It's taken from Carlos Saura's Carmen, in which the eponymous opera by Georges Bizet is staged as an opera within an opera. Thus the dancer's emotions in their real lives (the subplot of the affair between Carmen and Antonio) blend in with the actual storyline of Carmen and the performance.

This powerful and vivid scene is the Tabacalera or tobacco factory: the stand-off between the two women (a splendid Christina Hoyos as the elder woman) leads to death.
I simply love the women sitting at the table singing.

I saw this movie for the first time in another life, when I was sixteen, and had a Spanish boyfriend named Rafael, who was a great Sevillana dancer.

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Polly said...

That is an incredible scene! The whole percussive cigarette-making business on the tables, etc. Before the beloved's next audition for a Carmen role (one of the roles she was born to sing), she's got to see this. For inspiration.

Funny, I saw Blood Wedding and El Amor Brujo, but never knew they were part of a trilogy. Unfortunately, a friend who was then in a Ph.D. program in Spanish & Portuguese brought those two films over on videotape, when I was laid up with the stomach flu. So I'd had a sour taste in my mouth, as it were, for the haunting music of the soundtrack.

Nice to clear that out.

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