Another Saturday...


... in the DDM's lair had three women, one with a Leatherman tool in hand clustered around a toilet bowl and a new toilet cover (see below). A spot of DIY was required and since I am completely inept at such crafts and the munchkin couldn't be expected to know about such things quite yet, it fell upon SO's capable shoulders to take care of this task. And we, her loving audience, decided to look on as she demonstrated her admirable skills.

At least we achieved something today. All other chores that I had set aside for myself miserably failed: getting a new card for our digital TV receiver, which the munchkin had considerately chosen to rip out thus damaging the chip, was hopeless as the kind TV people close at 4! Hello! At 4??? Frames for photos? Impossible to find in the right colour (azure). Stylus for SO's Treo? Lines at the till were awful, so we decided against that.

On the upside, we did have an icecream at B&J's (I can recommend their Baked Alaska) and SO made one of her magnificent herbed roast chickens. And I did bag the carcass and freeze it to make stock at a later date, ever the DDM.

And this brings me to the actual point of my post. After having read the Graces' posts on Stuff that Lesbians like, I have come to the conclusion that I must be the Anti-Lesbian: I do not possess a single roll of duct tape, I do not spontaneously break out into tone-deaf versions of 80s ballads, I do carry a monstrously big purse (the contents of which I will share with you in another post some day, but it has been known to include a curtain), I do not have an entourage of women, I do not read horoscopes, and I do most certainly not hand tuck. Oh, and I hate Angelina Jolie and I forgot what heteronormative means, or maybe I've never known what it meant in the first place.

So, dear reader, what does this make me? Neither fish nor flesh. The word lesbian doesn't seem to cover the package in this case, and the word gay seems to have been coined by my male counterparts. I think of myself as all woman, and that's the way I like it best. Not all woman, in the gender sense of the word; but my temperament is feminine. It is simply my make-up and it is how I express myself. A woman, who just happens to love another woman. Unapologetically so.

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luscious said...

funny post.
the Stuff Lesbians Like obviously is very much tongue-in-cheek and that's what I like about it.
some of them are strikingly familiar, others not from afar.
at the end of the line, I just am my own person.

Fresco said...

- I once saw a toilet cover like that with the image of barbed wire which wasn’t very inviting to sit on it…
- B&J’s Baked Alaska, that’s the one with the polar bears in it, innit? I’m currently into Cheesecake Brownie.
- A curtain in your purse? LOL! Please, do tell us about the rest of its content!
- And I agree on your post about the frozen vegetables from Captain Iglo's Vegetable Factory: they are all so perfect shaped, in such a creepy way they can’t be real vegetables.

Lula de Montes said...

@Luscious: that's the best approach!
@Fresco: I promise I'll do a purse post soon.

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