Father's Day


My father in law rang us this morning at 5 am his time. We thought he had anticipated our call to him to wish him a happy father's day. But he was calling us... to wish us happy Father's Day... since we are both fathers and mothers.

I admit the logic is slightly twisted, but the underlying thought is extremely sweet.

I wonder how we will deal with it next year when the munchkin is older, and inevitably father's day will require some craft project in second kindergarten. Must reflect on that. Maybe she can make something for an uncle? Uncle's Day anyone?

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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't make up anything. She will understand. Tell her that love is strong and that both of you really are her Dad and Mom. You will be surprise how she will understand.

Bun said...

Oh that is sweet that he called you (albeit not at that time in the morning!)

feromoon said...

Why would you give in to that? Uncle's Day? if you continue to think like that, it will be twisted in her mind.

I suggest that it's major to let her be aware that she's got two mummies and that's nothing special.
Later on the Munchkin will have to get herself two gifts or one big one, because she's got two mummies. I know that from practicum, darraling.

And that's where it's all about. Show your love to your parents and appreciate them.
Every house has got her own thing.

Lula de Montes said...

@fero: actually, the school has her make two gifts. The reality is that many kids have divorced parents and thus two sets of parents to deal with, and thus double gifts to make.
@anon: yes, I think she is aware of that. But we can tell from her responses that she is wondering. I think we'll let her decide.

luscious said...

I agree with fero. I think the idea of 'Uncle's Day' is great in case of a single-parent-household. I wish my uncle (my mom's youngest brother) every year a Happy Uncle's Day on Father's Day because he's more of a father figure to me than my own dad ever was.
your father-in-law seems to be a very caring man!

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