A meme - my life


Bun tagged me with an interesting challenge: my life…

My ex (which one, oh that one?) is a closed chapter.

Maybe I should dye my hair tomorrow, seeing as the grey is popping through.

I love procrastinating, drinking prosecco, taking the time out to read a good book at 2 am when all is quiet, finding the time to read the newspaper over some coffee, taking long hot showers, walking barefoot through the grass, dancing as if my life depends on it…

People would say that I lead a lonely life working from home, but I quite like it actually

I don’t understand how people can be bigoted, cruel, mean, cheap…

When I wake up in the morning (if I actually hear the alarm and don’t punch the snooze button 7000 times) I head downstairs and fervently hope that a little elf has prepared me some coffee and toast already (no such luck)

I lost my virginity on an Italian beach to an Argentinean lifeguard. Needless to say it was not a memorable experience.

Life is full of surprises.

My past is that just that, the past. I live in the present, the here and now.

I get annoyed at people who respond too slowly to the traffic light turning green, about the hay bales that they leave alongside the road for months on end after having moved the wild grasses

Parties are fun, but also quite exhausting when you are experiencing next-day hangover symptoms.

I wish there were 48 hours in a day to accomplish everything that I wanted.

Dogs smell funny after a walk in the rain.

Cats are not as intelligent as they pretend to be.

Tomorrow I will do all the same things as today, except the munchkin will only be going to school for half a day, so I'm thinking about taking her to my gran's who has some huge koi in her fish pond.

I have low tolerance of pretty much everything on a bad day. You have been warned.

If I had a million dollars I would give half to charity and put the other half in the bank for the munchkin’s edu-ma-cation.

I’m totally terrified of anything bad happening to the people that I love.

4 messages:

Fresco said...

You did it!

Lula de Montes said...

@Fresco: I know. I think I'll just go barf now, shall I.

Bun said...

Wowzers, the domestic goddess finally reveals a bit of herself! Well done!

Anonymous said...

Hey, a photo! Hey, my glasses! :P

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