You will need the following image to understand the following discussion.

Munchkin looking at a photo of my father.
- Opa lives far away, hmmm.
- No, sweetie, Opa's heart was sick. And because his heart didn't work properly, he died.
- Opa doesn't like it where he is, huh?
*gulp* on my side. This is the kid who would routinely say a person's name only a year ago, only to have the doorbell or the phone go ten seconds later and the person in question would be at the door or on the phone.
- I don't know what's it like where Opa is, sweetie. But I'm sure he would have really enjoyed playing with you.
- Opa is flat, huh?
- Yes, sweetie, Opa is flat.

(lying flat on his back obviously, a term coined by the munchkin and her friend a few months ago when they were narrating one another the tale of Snowwhite).

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luscious said...

kids are so disarming and honest. a quality we sadly enough tend to lose while growing up adjusting to the demands of society...

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