House MD S1 Ep. 4 (Maternity): throwing the babe out with the bath water


Yesterday found me prostrate on the couch watching House MD. I like the caustic responses penned by the writer's team for Hugh Laurie and I like the drama. It's a good way to spend one's Sunday night after a long day out.

That said, yesterday's episode made me perk up slightly.
Storyline: a group of babies in the hospital was affected by some strange and deadly virus. And, lo and behold, one of the babies belonged to a same-sex couple. A very cute couple, I might add.

Imagine my joy at the same-sex storyline fading rapidly though as the writers then proceeded to spin some tale about the MD's female resident/assistant dealing with the loss of a baby. Two babies, two antibiotics, which one will provide the cure? Mother of straight couple's baby stands in front of the window of the neonatal ward and says, we will also break up, won't we (like the neighbours, who lost a baby, it then transpires). One toss of a coin later, and one of the babies dies. The Chen-Lupino baby. The same-sex couple's baby. Cue to straight couple holding up baby together as sheet is changed. Assistant, at the end, gazing woefully at straight couple, as they exit the hospital in golden light, close-up of baby.

First of all, did we all guess it was going to be the same-sex couple's baby? On this sofa, we did.
And how pathetic is that, that the whole story of the resident and her baby loss could not be played out with the same-sex couple? With one of the partners standing in front of the window, saying we won't make it. With two women lifting their baby as the nurse changed the sheet?
Because, dear reader, the team was ready to test the water with the same-sex couple (way to go, three minorities in one storyline - Asian, Latina and lesbians), but they weren't ready for the bath. Instead they threw the baby out with the bath water.

Am I reading too much into this? Maybe. But that's the way I felt and feel about it. End of soapbox rant.

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Piglet said...

Oh... I thought nothing of it, really. Of course I knew it was the lesbians' baby that was gonna die (and I teared up, I have to say), but I figured it was fantastic of them to feature a same sex couple having a baby. Even if they did kill it. If I recall correctly (it's been ages since I saw this episode, we have it from the internetsss), no-one batted an eyelid that a couple of lesbians were having a kid.

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