Belgian readers: cat seeks home


To all you cat lovers out there

For the past week a cute cat (male/female?) has been coming up to my front door, begging for food. He/she seems healthy enough, is mostly white but blended with some carrot for good measure and is quite docile. I'm allowed to pet him/her and we now have a fixed evening date where he gets a meal and a treat.

He/she has tried to make it past the front door. However, matters are somewhat complicated by our own Lula de Montes. Our unusual feline is very cat-like when it comes to most things (eats, sleeps most of the day, and begs for attention), but not when it comes to other cats. She detests them, prefers humans instead. Probably thinks she's human herself. Tonight she spat at the little friend so hard, that she fell off the window sill.

So my question is: if you know anybody who is looking for a little feline to share their life, please drop me a line. I will pay for the cost of vet treatment (i.e. neutering, cleaning up, ensuring clean bill of health). If I had a more cat-friendly pet, I would take him/her in myself. As it is, I don't know if our cat can handle it. She already peed her blanket last night out of sheer stress.

Pretty please (*bambi eyes*)? I don't want to have to take him to the pound, where they'll only put him down.

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callmesig said...

I am desperate for 'A' to get a cat as he has a house (with built in cat flap) + garden, etc. He's not yet convinced (though he's had them at his parents most of his life).

Hope you find someone.

Lula de Montes said...

I do to. But our fluffernutter is so susceptible to stress. She's already started sneezing. Absolutely hates cats and dogs.

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