The L Word Season 5 Episode 6 - Lights! Camera! Action!


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Another week, another episode of the L-Word. And honeys, it's ON! In fact, everybody's getting it on. Tibetters around the world were wetting their pants in anticipation and lo behold, even Jennifer Beals' breasts (and the shadow of a nipple) put in an appearance.

So for a rundown of this week's merry events:

- Bette & Tina: I positively feel like a deer in the headlights here. Who could have predicted that in the span of five episodes we'd go from this:

to this:


The top photo is the girls' expressions as they find out what's in store for them over the next season. It must be Bette's phenomenal cooking. Maybe she'll come over and be our chef for Valentine's Day? Don't get me wrong, I'm far from complaining about the eye candy factor. In fact, a little birdie tells me that these two, unlike their fictitious counterparts in Lez Girls probably have an excellent lesbian love coach. My SO was fanning herself during love scene 2 (or maybe it's the hormone replacement therapy kicking in?) All the better for us, that's all I can say, all the better... and by the way, I'm so putting in a call for Tina's lingerie right now.

But first, let's discuss some meta stuff: did the Tina character in the initial clip and her ovulation kit remind you of a toothpaste ad too? All I could think of was Colgate bi-fluoride with Pinocchio the wooden puppet as its star? And was Jenny vicious when casting the same aspiring actress for the role of Tina or what? Then a frigid kiss, which inevitably led to the discussion at Casa de Montes how much a repulsive kiss was worth, i.e., if you had to tongue smooch someone for 10,000 USD, would you do it (say... George Bush, or Laura?). As for the people at Showtime, they must be revelling in a sense of déjà vu, don't you think? No new sets or locations, it's all there already.

This was the episode where little Angelica spoke even though it was only a oneliner. She's getting so big already. But damn, those rats must have been huuuuuuge, since she referred to them as puppies. Yerch. I can see now why Kit is practicing her gunmanship. But knowing Ilene Chaiken's penchant for death (why *did* Dana have to die?) and big issues, I also have this awful premonition that this will all lead to some horrific gun drama.

On a secondary note, I keep on wondering where poor Angelica sleeps on a constant basis. What with her moms' partying and general hot and botheredness.

Alice heroically pulled the plug on another relationship this episode. She reminds me of a butterfly, flitting here and there, but never quite finding a moment's rest. Funny how the difference with the character of Tasha was emphasized so blatantly in the parting scene after the golden harmony of the last weeks.

I cringed during the scene in Phyllis' office, as Jodie resigned.... 'I have Bette'. It felt a little like a pantomime, with the audience screaming 'Oh no, you don't'. Meanwhile Bette was looking guiltier by the minute. Being held up as the poster children for lesbian couple of the year by Phyllis probably didn't help either. Enter Cybill Shepherd's real daughter, as her fictitious daughter. It's all so very meta. Shane, of course, immediately meat-tagged her. I'm beginning to see a trend in Shane's interests of late: they're all blondish, tall, big shouldered and meatier than her (Paige, Cindy, la Shepherd's daughter). But be careful Shane, dear, as Dawn Denbo is still a-smarting. Personally I smell a rat.

Do you suppose, after watching this issue, that someone has an issue with Vancouver? And did you love the locations lady and her premonitive remark about the movie going over budget? At least we know that Vancouver has good shopping, viz. that very interesting scene at Holt Renfrew with Jenny and Adele. It was like watching the technicolor fashion show vignette and hommage to Adrian in 'The Women' (1939). The wardrobe budget for the movie must have been blown in one shopping expedition. Although I can't blame them, when I saw Jenny in her red wellies. They so needed to shop. And what a nice gift the lead actress, Nikki, got: a pendant from David Yurman. Up and coming artistes have expensive tastes once they leave the Midwest and become fashion forward. The outcome: hey presto, Jenny part deux, as Shane's miracle hairdressing hands transformed evil and cunning Adele into a Jennyclone with a new wardrobe and all. And here's a thought: what is the link between Nikki and Adele?

I'm still unsure what Jenny's Daddy/toadie sees in her, but then Jenny's charm is generally lost on me. Plus, ask yourself: if you were given the opportunity of your life to direct a movie, wouldn't you be reading up feverishly in your trailer on how to scream 'Lights, camera, action' and 'cut' and 'that's a wrap' instead of shopping for your PA? I thought so.

Moments that stand out:
- Bette and Tina having tea instead of getting their freak on at Phyllis' party. Remember the 'boring' scene on the yacht, where Bette tossed her cocktail into the water?
- The fashion forward outfits: wellies, a noeud papillon and a silver sparkley bib?
- The sheen on Tina's cheeks after the goodness: picture make-up artist with spray bottle at hand.
- Joyce Wishnia: she's da man!

Alarm bells going off:
-Tina saying she hasn't quite sorted everything out yet (no, we saw what happened last season when you said that).
-Nikki and Adele: it is Adele who suggests buying the pendant for Nikki. And think about it, she 'convinced' Nikki to stay in the movie...

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