SO asketh, SO receiveth


So we're driving to my mum's with 'Mona', our car, and SO has her iPod hooked in. All of a sudden, the distinctive purr of that fierce exciting woman, the original catwoman known as Eartha Kitt filled the car to my screams of recognition. SO said: why not put her on your blog. So here she is, babe, coming at ya!

Looking at her website, I think that she looks hellaciously good. She's 80 for crying out loud. And don't you just love her shoulder extensions in this video clip? Mega Mindy's pining for them already.

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Fresco said...

Oh how I love that song and Earrrtha Kitt of course.
I remember 1984 or something, I was in my bedroom dancing to her hit 'I love men'.
I guess it was then I came out to my brother who was spying on me from behind the door...

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