The L Word Season 5 Episode 7: Lesbians gone wild!


Bowwow-chickabowwow! What an episode!
No write-up would be complete without mentioning the lesbian turkish oil wrestling, which dominated the episode (approx. 10 mins of screentime and several mentions throughout).
Did you too get the idea that the writers were sitting around the table, clueless for inspiration and one of them suddenly said: hey, what about that clip by Junior Jack with the women bikini chicks wrestling?

Ah, stereotypes. This series seems to love 'em. The plastic women of the 'The Look' including a blonde Dawn Denbo with bulletproof hair but no botox mind you, because I actually saw a creased forehead, the plastic reporter of the behind the scenes videoshoot (a movie about a group of lesbian friends living in Los Angeles - incredulous face, ooh, aah, shock and awe)... And how did you all like preppy Alice, and mychart/theirchart/ourchart? Alice has officially become page six, on the outing trail for every episode. Want the job, out the gays, girl. So media-hungry. I liked the little jibe at Fox News though, which kind of restored my faith in her for a second although I wouldn't mind having the old Alice back (Dana era).

But I feel that this episode is more about Darling Nikki. Nikki who fluffs her lines, but who is playing the role of her life with Jenny, as is obvious from the scene at the end, when she walks about aimlessly searching, before Jenny approaches her. And maybe about Adele.

Amy likes Jodie who loves Bette, who loves Tina, who likes Sam. It's a love chain!
Jodie's face at Amy's question about how is it with you two is priceless.
Bette and Tina flirting on the bed of the K-mart bedroom set, with Tina positively cartwheeling off the bed, is even better.

The military storyline: for those of you too young to remember, I just wanted to remind you that Colonel Davis was already in the military in the past. Remember this?

I know of someone, who has been in Tasha's situation in the US army. Luckily, she came off better than Tasha, who is being tried for Chapter 15 behaviour. But we discussed this and the general idea was that the military has its code of justice and you know that when you join. No matter which way it is worded, you're not supposed to gay. Don't ask, don't tell, eased up the pressure but at the end of the day, we feel that she is waging a losing battle. Although with the L Word, you never know.
But I was intrigued by Colonel Davis' expressions every time she spoke to Tasha: did I notice a glimmer of compassion there? Specifically when Tasha said Chapter 15.

Bette babysitting Molly: and taking her that den of iniquity known as the set of Lez Girls! Trailer sex, bedroom set sex, you name it sex...I love it. My SO screamed when she saw Molly: it's a Sandra Bernhard lookalike!

Adele: cut, print. And that's all I have to say about that.

Quote of the day: lesbians can be respectable, stable, accomplished people.... Ah, now have we seen any of those in the past four seasons??? You could have fooled me.
Quote two of the day: Molly to Shane: you're the Fonz for lesbians.
I so love military speak by the way: engage, breach of protocol, O-3...

What will the next episode bring, I ask myself...

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ine Dehandschutter said...

you'll long for the night then, as the next episode is already available online. Censored that is...

Lula de Montes said...

yes, but how will I deal with a two-week hiatus?

Anonymous said...

Top Gun!!! Oh how I love Top Gun!

luscious said...

stay strong, lula. I'm not caving in either (spoilerwhore or not), I'm going to wait until next week to watch 5x08.
great recap!

Lula de Montes said...

@Sieg: take my breath awaaaaaayyyyy!

@luscious: I'm really trying but I'm in such a pissy mood that I'm tempted.

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