Balance a Coke can on my nose for a wager (I won)
Drive into a car as a kid with my cousin's chopper and then pretended I didn't make the dent
Share a bed with different people at the same time
Try to save a bird from death once (and how I cried when it died)
Ask Telly Savalas for his autograph at Heathrow Airport (is this dating me?)
Drink a whole bottle of port in less than an hour once (lovesick)
Live somewhere else (Florence)
Lose part of my index finger
Barf at my sister's wedding
Have my purse stolen three times in a row, once by a 'friend'
Sleep with a complete stranger once
Shake Queen Paola's hand
Stalk a model once (Carmen in Florence, she was gorgeous!)
Have sex in a public space

Make it to Japan
Commit a serious crime
Have a blood brother or sister
Eat an insect or a rodent
Watch a dykey porn movie
Vote for the Christian Democrats ever
Become an astronaut
Believe I'd ever be a lesbian
Give birth without pain meds
Ever have a shiner
Tell my boss to go fuck herself
Meet Margaret Thatcher or the Queen
Eat bull's testicles
Drink real absinth

2 messages:

Fresco said...

I did at least 3 dids.
(Telly Kojak Savalas?! Isn’t he dead like for 20 years?)

Lula de Montes said...

Yup. I was young and impressionable and I loved his voice, just like I heart Henry Kissinger's gravelly voicebox.

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